Ways to Earn

The MetaWorld V2.0 Diagram
Players have diversified ways of gaining revenue in the game. Players can choose to focus on mining and collection of resources in the Meta-World, or they can also obtain resources through land cultivation, and they can also sell NTF tools for high returns.
Meta-world provides a variety of ways to earn income while playing games. With the continuous collection of resources, players will be able to obtain higher tools. Players can choose to craft higher tools or gain income through trading.
Players can opt to stake their income and earn more by holding. Islands can be also auctioned off and players can acquire the islands through bidding. Once you become an island owner you will have commissions from your islander residents.
You can also earn through referrals and invitations. And make use of the many ways you can earn in the Meta-World.
The mystery box gameplay in the game gives players the opportunity to obtain rare NFT items, which can be governed by DAO (shared platform revenue with currency). This makes Meta-world a community-driven, dynamic, and inclusive ecosystem.
Ways to earn: MTW V1.0
  1. 1.
    Trading of sub-token and main token
  2. 2.
    NFT value
  3. 3.
    Island master 70% of the transaction fees
  4. 4.
    Island stakeholder 5% of transaction fees equally share with all stakeholders
  5. 5.
    MTW staking pool 15% of the total transaction fees share to staking holders
  6. 6.
    Referal income-4% of total transaction fees
  7. 7.
    Free play - steal feature
Additional Earning Streams in V2.0
  1. 1.
    Game club transaction fees
  2. 2.
    Building NFT value
  3. 3.
    Tools crafting production revenue