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Token System

Dual-type token economic system
Meta-world has:
wood tokens (ISW)
ore tokens (ISO)
food tokens (ISF)
circulation currency (MTW)
Meta-world NFT has three types of tools: for wood, food, ores collection.
Different types of tools can obtain different types of resources.
Chainsaw, Saw & Axe Produce Wood Tokens
Fishing Boat, Fishing Net & Fishing Rod Produce Food Tokens
Minecart & Shovel Produce Ore Tokens
These four tokens establish the game asset currency and circulation currency. These dual-type token structures, not only can support the real economy, but also enhance the ecological value in the transaction.
ISW, ISO, ISF: Game Currency
Mainly used for players to craft tools and the consumption of tokens required by the tools. In terms of the physical strength of the players of the game and the durability of the tools, it is necessary to consume game tokens. In addition, most of the game currency paid by users in the game will be used for setting activities The reward is returned to the player.
MTW: Game Revenue Coin
The main currency in the game, players can exchange the corresponding game currency and obtain income through the trading market.