Welcome to the Meta-World

Token Distribution

Total circulation: 999,999,999
120 million 120,000 addresses will be airdropped and will be released at 1% every day after 100 days of lock-up.
The tokens released earlier can only be purchased for our tour.
Opera props. The tokens released after the props can be circulated
Institution 2%
Locked for 4 months as a gift, you can trade after 4 months.
Pre-sale 8.5%
The first stage 1.%. Price 0.016u 16wu
The second stage 2.%. Price 0.018u 36wu
The third stage is 2.5%. The price is 0.020u 50wu
The fourth stage 3%. Price 0.022 66WU
Launched on December 8, designing two levels of commissions, 7% for the first level and 4% for the second level.
The release will begin 10 days after the system goes online, and will be released every 100 days.
2% whitelist sale. Price 0.032u. 64WU
[Marketing and community rewards] 5%
[Development] 5%-locked for 12 months
Other margins are configured according to the rules of the game.