Welcome to the Meta-World

Meta-World Market

At the Marketplace and Chest
Buy and trade NFT assets and items in the marketplace using your MTW.
Click on the chest, and you can see all your items.
You can up-chain items here and place price tags on them for trading.
You can also send NFT gifts.
Our web-based market is an important part of the Meta-World ecosystem. The market will encourage players to strive to acquire and improve all types of tools.
Players can put their own resource synthesis props on the trading market for trading. When trading, you need to remove the tool from the equipment bar.
Conditions for removing tools:
The equipment is not cooling;
The character's physical strength must be greater than or equal to 200 points (200 points is the initial value);
The durability of the tool (the durability of different equipment is different) must be restored to full.