Welcome to the Meta-World

Game Guide

Getting tokens.
Step 1. Setting up a Meta-Mask Wallet and MTW tokens
🔸️Create a Meta-Mask Wallet
🔹️Import the Meta-World tokens.
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Tokens: MTW, ISO, ISF, ISW
Contract address:
◽️MTW: 0xfCe3EFebC79d21a6B7cc7F3A7216E66e81f4B23B
◽️ISO: 0x3Ee4715054D901945b7D31Fef2CCA8c3EAe30Ac7
◽️ISW: 0xAcBb5a8b97FBE5A5509AaA2F88d3cABAD3d5B943
◽️ISF: 0xb28A55783e383EFc6654c10AD9a219BBf944a942
🔸️Setup Metamask to your browser.
Step 2. Buying/Swapping Tokens
🔹️Make sure your Metamask wallet has BNB for gas fees and for MTW tokens.
🔸️Buy MTWs at preferred DEXs. (Pancakeswap and etc)
🔹️Swap MTWs for game tokens (ISO, ISF, ISW)
Step 3. Entering the Meta-World
🔸️Open http://www.meta-world.game on your browser. Click Login.
🔹️Connect your Metamask Wallet.
Step 4. Exchange Tokens
🔹️Head to the Exchange in the game and deposit tokens.
🔸️Click on deposit to add tokens
🔹️Enter desired token amount. 🔸️Click on Deposit.
🔹️A Metamask Wallet will pop up.
🔸️Confirm the transaction.