Welcome to the Meta-World

Crafting Tools

Step 5. Craft tools.
Head on to the Smithy.
Choose tools to craft.
Check the cost of tools.
Click on Craft/Produce
Step 6. Produce Resources
Head on to the logging factory, wharf, or mine.
Click and start producing.
The time duration of production is displayed.
Step 7. At the Farm
To start buying land, acquire at least 3 tools.
Head on to the Smithy and buy farm plots.
9 plots are allowed per player.
Buy some seeds in the market.
Head back to the farm.
Open the plots.
Plant the seeds.
Harvest the crops once production is finished.
The table below represents the daily consumption of all the tools and its daily output.
Arrival guidelines for our new Islanders.
Tip 1: Fishing Rod, Axe, Shovel. Remarks: Low investment, IS the best choice for first-time players.
Tio 2: Buy tools at the Marketplace. Remarks: Many tools are priced differently than the crafting price. Best for slightly advanced users.
Tip 3: Buy Chainsaws, Mine Carts, and Fishing Boats in the Marketplace. Note: High revenue tools and the fastest way to enter 2.0. For high investors and advanced players.